Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

New Car Warranty Cover

We represent a number of different brands, the new car warranty cover and roadside assist cover varies by brand.

The average new car warranty cover is 3 years from registration date with a maximum of 100,000km, the detail of what is covered and exclusions is available in your new car warranty booklet/ or online.

Please ask your sales executive to outline the warranty specific to your model at the time of sale, the warranty booklet will be available also in your new car and or via the new car brand website.

Approved Used Car Warranty Cover

We offer a 12 month or maximum 20,000km cover on our approved used vehicles, these vehicles are up to 8 years old with a maximum of 140,000km at time of sale.

All mechanical and electrical components are included against mechanical breakdown during the policy period.

This also includes Oil Seals, Casings, Working Materials, Air Conditioning System.

This cover must be read in conjunction with the details of the exclusions outlined.

Please note there is a maximum claim limit of €3000.


Wear and Tear

Accidental or malicious damage.

Overheating, frost, corrosion, flooding, impact, fire, abuse or neglect.

Lack of coolant, lubricant, or hydraulic fluid being used.

Any failure caused by an ingress of foreign matter/contamination causing a blockage of the lubrication, cooling or fuel systems.

Gradual deterioration or failure of parts which have reached the end of their effective working lives.

Consequential damage by or to any other components that are excluded.

Routine servicing or replacement of any components with a recommended replacement interval.

Body Paint, Trims and Glass.

Limited Used Car Warranty Cover

We offer 6 months or maximum 10,000km cover on our limited used car warranty vehicles.

This includes vehicles that are over 8 years old or with in excess of 140,000km. We may also include other selected vehicles where this is specifically advertised or agreed on a customer contract.

This is an engine and gearbox transmission warranty cover. All other mechanical and electrical components are excluded.

Please note there is a maximum claim limit of €3000.

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