also available as a hybrid

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also available as a hybrid


injecting fresh energy after 30 years of success, Renault Clio E-Tech full hybrid

new, even more sporty design for the Alpine esprit version

onboard comfort and connectivity

E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp powertrain(1)

up to 80% electric driving in the city(2)

up to 900 km overall driving range(3)

Esprit Alpine version

Sharp change into an exciting new style - sculpted side panels, wider chrome grey grille, new full LED front lights in a half-diamond shape. The esprit Alpine version brings sportiness to life. On the exterior, characteristic 17" alloy wheels, emblematic shadow grey F1 blade and distinctive badge. Inside, the upholstery features matching embroidered Alpine logos, distinctive stitching, and the French flag. Red, white and blue stitching on the steering wheel - a nod to esprit Alpine's heritage.

Renault - Clio
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E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp

A driving experience with a fresh force. Exciting, fuel efficient and silent. This full hybrid powertrain is both responsive and efficient.

17 advanced driver-assistance systems

adaptive cruise control

The system analyses and automatically adapts to traffic conditions. It detects the vehicle in front and keeps an appropriate, safe distance. If you get too close, it brakes, and accelerates again when the road is clear.

Emergency braking system

This driver-assistance system warns you of a potential risk of collision with a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian. To avoid a collision, the system triggers emergency braking if you hesitate or do not react quickly enough.

Renault - Clio

(1)also available with petrol
(2)driving time, depending on the conditions of the battery and the driving style / in-house source Renault/2022
(3)with a full tank of petrol according to WLTP