E-Tech 100% Electric


E-Tech 100% Electric

a new approach to performance

Inspired by aeronautics, Renault Rafale’s design reflects the fine, streamlined shape of a fuselage. The result of in-depth research, the sportback body with its pure lines blends into the landscape without disturbing its harmony, making it a dynamic and sporty SUV coupé.

comfort and light

This technology provides a vast solarbay® panoramic sunroof that darkens and lightens on demand. You decide how much light you want using the four opacity modes available - comfort truly tailored to you.

4Control advanced
agility and stability

At low speed, 4Control Advanced directs the rear wheels up to 5° in the opposite direction of the front wheels, for a turning circle comparable to that of a city car. Above 50 km/h, the rear wheels pivot up to 1° to improve your stability.

Renault - Rafale
human first program
32 advanced driver-assistance systems

Active driver assist combines the intelligent adaptive cruise control with the Stop & Go function and lane centering. It regulates the speed according to the road conditions, maintains a safe distance and ensures centering in the lane. When traffic slows down, the system allows the vehicle to stop and start automatically.

performance-focused and leading the way

Throughout its history, Renault has always created, invented and been a pioneer, on the roads as well as in the air or on rail. Engine performance, aerodynamic efficiency, in-car safety, the challenges keep on coming and we keep on improving.